E150d - Ammoniaksulfitprocessen

Tillsats: E150d - Ammoniaksulfitprocessen

Funktioner: Färg

Risk för överexponering

EFSA evaluation: Refined exposure assessment for caramel colours -E 150a, c, d- (2012-12-03)

Ingen eller mycket låg risk för överexponering
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has determined that no population groups has more than 5% of members at risk of consuming more than the acceptable daily intake of E150d - Ammoniaksulfitprocessen.

To evaluate your exposure to the E150d - Ammoniaksulfitprocessen food additive, you can browse our list of products that contain it. See the list of products with E150d - Ammoniaksulfitprocessen below.

Namn: Caramel au sulfite d'ammonium, Caramel E150d, E150d (caramel), E150d caramel, Caramel IV - procédé au sulfite ammoniacal, Caramel IV, C.I. Natural Brown 10, FEMA no. 2235, Caramel Colour Ammonium Sulphite Process, Colour Sulphite Ammonia Caramel, Sulfite ammonia caramel, Colour E150d, Food Colour 150d, CAS 8028-89-5, acid-proof caramel, soft-drink caramel, Caramelo sulfito de amoníaco, caramelo a prueba de ácidos, caramelo, de bebidas gaseosas

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